Virginia Beach Electric Bike Center

Largest selection of electric bicycles under one roof on the East Coast. Come by our Oceanfront showroom and really compare the hand picked brands of E-bikes ready for test riding. Get the most out of your electric bike with our ever expanding selection of smart carrying systems, baskets and cool retro racks.

At Virginia Beach Electric Bike Center our main goal is “getting more people on bikes”, regardless of age or physical condition.

E-bikes use pedal power, battery power, or a combination of both. Whether you’re a Boomer with certain physical limitations or a young thrill-seeker who desires new eco-friendly, cutting-edge alternative transportation, E-bikes are the solution!  BIKE YOUR DRIVE!

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Pedego logopedigo Classic-Black-City

ezmotion logo

juiced rider logojuiced rider-u500v3

ejoe logoejoe-Anggun-150x150

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