About Us

Our Mission

At Virginia Beach Electric Bike Center our main goal is “getting more people on bikes”, regardless of age or physical condition.


E-bikes use pedal power or battery power or a combination of both. Whether you’re a Boomer with certain physical limitations or a young thrill-seeker who desires new eco-friendly, cutting-edge alternative transportation, E-bikes are the solution!


As an E-biker you will be proud to make a social and ecological impact on society. E-bikes can decrease global warming, cut pollution and help eliminate our growing dependency on foreign oil. Join the growing wave of E-bike riders and experience the bikes’ easy functionality while running errands, having fun, moving fast, being healthy and going green.


The Virginia Beach Electric Bike Center offers a full array of accessories such as: racks, baskets, locks and personalizing options to enhance your experience and optimize your new E-bike’s potential.


As the store’s owner, I take pride in being particular. I am really picky! From the selection of our E-bike lines to accessory and service offerings, I draw on my extensive knowledge and experience of the industry and choose only the best quality. I personally guarantee everything in my shop. Before you purchase an E-bike, contact me or visit my store to insure you get the best option available in the marketplace.

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